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Addsfit Mini Massage Gun Review 2020 (September) – Does it Work?

ByMelanie Bailey

Sep 7, 2020
Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun: I travel often and also have discovered the Addsfit Mini  massage Gun to function as newest preferred traveling companion. It’s unquestionably the littlest massage weapon I Have utilised, however usually do not let its size fool you — it may still send a more potent punch. It really is compact, small, and certainly will squeeze right into almost any part of bag you traveling with. It may also turn right to a huge handbag! I don’t leave home with no and I strongly suggest it to anybody buying traveling massage gun.

About Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

This really little, light weight massage weapon is both streamlined and exceptionally relaxing. It truly is tremendous silent and enables one to choose your massage-therapy together with you where you are gone. It has a 6mm stroke thickness, a few rate degrees, as well as 27 lbs of stroke induce. The hands sized, ergonomic design and style creates this gun safe to grip and simple touse. In regards with just two separate massage minds, also a charging cable, and also a streamlined bonus instance, which makes it the ideal vacation companion.

Experts of Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

  • Adaptive, streamlined, traveling Pleasant

  • user-friendly

  • a Few rates

  • Two Therapeutic Massage minds

  • Highly Effective


  • Just 2 massage minds

  • £ 105 in Amazon

  • £ 105 in Addsfit

Addsfit Mini  Massage Gun Capabilities

Supply: Nicolette Roux / iMore

Even the Addsfit Mini  massage Gun is light weight, lightweight, and traveling favorable. It has a little, ergonomic design and style which is intended to match perfectly inside the hands of one’s hands, which makes it comfortable to grip and userfriendly. It might induce up muscle tissue to 6mm and makes use of upto 27 lbs of stroke induce for anyone difficult to achieve knots and muscles.

It includes three degrees of rate plus can be rather potent. When fully charged it supplies just two or two 5 an hour of effort. It has an additional benefit carrying out instance, charging cable, and also two separate massage heads – a triggered horizontal mind and also a rule mind.

The brought on horizontal mind was fashioned for complete usage and it is ideal for significant muscle bands along with tender places. The head mind is perfect for bring about details and compact muscle bands.

Great for traveling That which I adored

The rifle , that the 2 therapeutic massage heads, and also the charging cable all have neatly structured within a slick tiny carrying instance. The entire package weighs under a pound which makes this apparatus my brand new preferred traveling friend.

I stuff it into my gym bag to get pole work out , my bag after I am touring, and that I could also match it in my own larger bag. One other amazing feature with the gem of the gun is the way silent it’s. I have subtly utilized this tiny guy in the air plane, within the vehicle, and in the gymnasium. This is the attractiveness of it, so you may take it and apply it wherever and anyplace.

It has just two to 2 5 an hour of job time when fully charged. I normally utilize it to get 15 20 minutes in one moment, therefore that this baby might endure for days on a single fee. The battery lifetime is all color-coded when appearing in the base of the the weapon. It drops green once billed 20 percent and crimson when underneath 20 percent, also you’ll be able to recharge it in any given moment and in any given battery degree.


This miniature rifle is super user-friendly. To start with, it truly is bigger than my hands, therefore that it’s comfy to grip. The diameter of this deal fits only perfectly within my own hands. In regards with just two separate therapeutic massage heads which you turn out whenever the gadget is pushed .

To flip it, you have the power switch for approximately 2 minutes, then then you press on it to get at a preferred rate; press on it to get at degree , double for at degree 2, and then 3 days for at degree three. This application includes three unique rate preferences. My preferred rate is flat 2, however that I suggest starting atone and doing work up your way.

It truly is little and light weight so that you are able to angle it and attain most those challenging to attain muscle bands along with heavy knots which happen to be torturing you. I have experienced this profound knot at my shoulder for the last five decades. The massage mind and also this tiny gun have allowed me to burst that knot to oblivion using some cause point treatment, last but not least offering me candy alleviation. I only think it’s great.

Adaptable and Strong

It packs an amazingly strong cure for this little apparatus and may cause as much as 27 lbs of stroke and stroke force. I am able to vow, that is certainly an undeniable truth. It has performed wonders to ease my own muscles and I strive to include just a tiny massage-therapy on this particular tool daily.

Both massage minds in regards with are all amazing. This really is an actuated horizontal mind for muscle bands, entire usage, also so for areas which are somewhat sensitive. The head mind is intended for profound trigger-point treatment. I’d like to utilize it onto heavy knots, and also it seems fantastic in my throat, buttocks, booty, and also feet. Caution: with the mind head isn’t right for the faint of the heart disease. Start gradually and work up your way to tenderer locations.

Just two massage minds What might be greater

I love this Addsfit Mini Massage Gun — there is not anything that I really don’t enjoy about doing it. The one thing I’d change would be that the variety of therapeutic massage minds. When it was included with a single longer, I would be thrilled. But, that may create the transporting situation heavier and larger, therefore when it comes to traveling, it’s ideal as it’s.


Addsfit Mini Massage Gun would be my brand new favorite traveling friend (do not tell my partner ), also that I carry it everywhere I move. Oahu is an ideal vacation companion: silent, strong, userfriendly, and very curative; I don’t leave home with no. I might advise this apparatus to anybody and every one searching for many profound cause point remedy neatly structured into a little, streamlined carrying case. Remember that Addsfit offers iMore’s subscribers A15% reduction in the event you utilize code NICOR2020 when paying for as a result of Amazon at voucher, cure your self!

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