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Air Joy Pro gaming headset review Certainly one of the primary troubles for all avid gamers is getting an excellent headset which will not put lots of strain in your own headset. You may possibly discover a headset using very fantastic controllers and noise good quality, but after that donning it to get prolonged stretches may offer you a hassle.

I had the ability to examine EKSA’s Air Joy Pro gaming headset. It truly is super light weight while nevertheless supplying volume controllers entirely on the left ear phone. Whilst it will be will not place that pressure in the mind, the noise quality is not really excellent.

Main point here 

This headset scarcely weighs everything, rendering it desirable if you usually get migraines or headaches. Nevertheless, the speaker and mic quality are not just ideal.

Experts of Air Joy Pro

  • Just weighs 5.3 ounce

  • Detachable wires and mic

  • headphone jack & USB into USB C cable

  • Controls over the left Ear Phone

  • Lighting up if attached using USB C cable

  • 7.1 Surround-sound

Air Enjoyment Guru That which I enjoy

On opening the package I detected that the cans, a headset jack, also a detachable mic, a USB into USBC cable, and a cable splitter, a carrying tote, plus a education handbook.


Extremely Light Weight Significantly Less strain in your own mind

Even the Air Joy Pro headphone just weighs approximately 5.3 oz, and it is significantly less than half of the burden of a number of other gambling cans around there. Therefore, this could be described as a fantastic alternative for everyone who is suffering from migraines and headaches since it may place less strain in your own mind.

The lean ring linking both ear-phones absolutely feels a little more delicate compared to normal headset due to its narrow construct. However if you’re careful never to set the Air pleasure Guru in regions at which it might have damaged, then then it must not break onto you personally.

Suitable controls Quantity choices on abandoned Ear Phone

Due to the fact is really a light weight headset which does not cost significantly, it really is slightly astonishing to see that of the contained cables are detachable, and also the amount controls are on the left ear phone. You’re going to be hardpressed to discover a different narrow headset in the price with all the very same capabilities.

The addition of many diverse wires causes it this headset may make use of an assortment of gaming games consoles and apparatus just like the Nintendo swap, PS-4, and x-box one particular. As this headset has a draw string carrying tote, detachable wires, and detachable microphone, it really is quite simple to package and traveling together with all the Air pleasure Professional. Just be certain never to place an excessive amount of weight onto the cans, or else they can easily get damaged intransit.

Air Enjoyment Guru That which I do not enjoy

If you should be searching for highquality headphones, then you are definitely going to should cover significantly more than just $40 to purchase. Listed below would be some unwanted Elements to anticipate together with all the Air Joy Pro.

Muffled audio for You as Well as your buddies

As the speakers really do furnish sound along with the mic does let you keep in touch with the others during multiplayer games, even the more matters you as well as friends and family hear while still utilizing the headset jack will probably undoubtedly be very muted.

As soon as I performed multi player matches together with my buddies, it had been tougher to listen to what that they explained. The head phones aren’t getting very loudly, therefore that I missed on a number of the essential noises from the matches we all played with. That is unquestionably a challenge when you should be playing with a competitive on-line multi player and also want to listen to footsteps.

It was that this is a twoway issue. When linked to some games through the headset jack, my buddies told me it had been not hard to know what that I said along with the mic had a embarrassing, tinny noise for it. But when plugged to other apparatus utilizing the USB into USBC cable, even the more men and women I conveyed with explained this the noise came much more certainly. Therefore, I did not truly feel comfortable with the Air pleasure Guru’s headset jack link once having fun others.

Cringy layout Phrases on Every Ear Phone

So far as appearances go, these head phones provide a somewhat massive signal around the cringe-meter. This chiefly stems in the simple fact there is a term published on each headset:”No more stress” to the most suitable ear phone and”Only enjoyment” onto one.

The reddish rectangle marks along with crimson light may possibly have sounded fine when it was not because of it particular. But because it was, ” I might not desire to get captured employing these cans from people. This is an issue of taste. In the event you really don’t believe that they look awful, then that wont be a real problem for you personally.

Air Joy Pro Competitors

Anybody who’s in in receiving a light weight headset also needs to think of that the Razer Kraken X ultra-light Gaming headset . It absolutely costs significantly more compared to the Air pleasure Guru and in 8.8 oz, it weighs only somewhat longer aswell. Nevertheless, in my own opinionit features a far sleeker design and style.

Weighing only 7.8 oz, the PeohZarr onear Headphonse really are among many most effective light weight alternate options. These head phones arrive in 6 distinct colors which means that you may procure the gaze you prefer best. Additionally, they also cost an adequate number less compared to the EKSA Air pleasure Professional.

In the end, in the event that you on the lookout for anything relatively cheap, you may only need to take a look at the EKSA E900 Gaming headset . Only at approximately 1 lb, it’s truly isn’t the lightest selection out there there. Nevertheless, the good quality is equally very good, also it will not place that pressure in your own mind.

If you purchase it?

By considering the packaging and advertising to that Air Joy Pro, it is extremely obvious the chief feature with the headset is the fact that it is very light weight. Whilst it will not offer you 7.1 surround noise, the noise is very silent and muted. In the event you wind up enjoying with a multi player match with buddies, they will most likely have an even harder time listening to and certainly will even observe that a tinny noise originating from the headphone too.

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