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CTRF – Unique Among Cancer Foundations

ByMelanie Bailey

Aug 13, 2019

Cancer Donation Information

“We are stronger than we have ever been, and our team is ready for the fight ahead.” – Alicia L. Stephenson, CTRF Chair

Cancer Treatment Research Foundation (CTRF) is dedicated to funding cancer research studies that are poised to have lasting, immediate impact on today’s cancer patients. We’re unique among cancer foundations in that we focus solely on funding cancer research efforts only, with a lofty goal to change the face of cancer – NOW!

Make a cancer donation today and support one of the most innovative cancer foundations around. 99 cents out of every dollar donated goes directly to cancer research programs, a figure that other foundations have yet to match. This means that your cancer donation goes straight to research funding – not overhead or fundraising.

Hold a cancer fundraiser and donate the proceeds to CTRF! Third-party fundraising efforts are a vital way you can help raise funds for important cancer research studies.

Learn how you can help today. Whether it’s through a cancer donation or volunteer efforts, we extend our gratitude to all of the individuals, cancer foundations, and businesses that have helped us make a difference in the lives of today’s cancer patients.

Why Are We Different from Other Cancer Foundations?

At CTRF, we’re proud to differentiate ourselves from other cancer foundations through our highly effective support of progressive cancer research:

  • Your Cancer Donation Counts

    We never tire of boasting about it – 99 percent of every cancer donation goes directly towards real clinical cancer research programs, a figure that has yet to be matched by other foundations in our arena.

  • We Support Immediate Results

    We’re concerned with research that impacts the cancer patients of today. Your cancer donation will fund phase I and II cancer research trials that are already past the test-tube stage. This means that results are poised to have an immediate impact this year, today, NOW – instead of in the nebulous future.

  • We Select Innovative Studies & Projects

    Our dedicated Board of Scientific Counselors carefully screens all cancer research trials, recommending only the most innovative and promising projects. We take care to monitor all grants to ensure quality of patient impact and appropriate funds usage. And, our Board of Directors must approve all clinical studies before funding begins.

  • We Support a Range of Clinical Studies

    Our vision is broad among cancer foundations. At CTRF, we make a point of supporting a comprehensive breadth of clinical studies, embracing both traditional medical therapies as well as newer complementary ones. From chemotherapy and radiation to mind-body work and nutrition therapy, our funded studies work together to give us unparalleled strength towards new medical advances.

  • We Focus on Research ONLY

    Unlike other cancer foundations that target everything from patient outreach to continuing education, CTRF concentrates all of our efforts solely on funding cancer research studies. By focusing only on funding trials, we create even more hope for today’s existing cancer patients.

How Does CTRF Handle Fundraising?

CTRF gains funds for cancer research trials through a variety of fundraising efforts. Because of generous corporate underwriting, we’re able to direct 99 percent of all donated funds directly to cancer research programs. From holding your own third-party fundraiser to volunteering at a local CTRF special event, there are a variety of ways you can help:

  • Make a Cancer Donation Now!

    Making a cancer donation today is one of the fastest ways you can help cancer patients now. Use our secure web form, mail a check, or call us toll free at 888-221-CTRF (2873).

  • Planned Giving

    Planned giving through a trust or estate is another popular donation option. We work with everything from life insurance to living trusts to IRAs.

  • Combined Federal Campaign

    If you are a federal government employee, you can join the thousands of others who have chosen cancer foundations like CTRF as their charity of choice.

  • 3rd Party Fundraising

    Hold your own fundraiser for CTRF! Many leading charities and foundations have held cancer fundraisers for us.

  • Volunteer

    We have a dedicated network of volunteers who assist us with a variety of fundraising events and local projects. Learn how you can help today!

  • Shop Online

    Another fun way to help is to visit a favorite web site (like Target or Amazon) from the link above, and they’ll donate a portion of the sales to CTRF.

What Kinds of Cancer Research Does CTRF Support?

CTRF is proud to support cancer research studies for a wide variety of different cancers. While other cancer foundations may focus only on one type of cancer, our goal is to facilitate innovative treatment breakthroughs for all types of cancer.

Whether you’re particularly interested in leukemia / lymphoma research, pancreatic cancer research or breast cancer research, you can visit our Funded Grants page to view all of the exciting cancer trials that CTRF has had the opportunity to support.

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