Grant Acceptance Process

Grant Acceptance Process

Three members of CTRF’s Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) review the preliminary grant application.  The BSC is an external body of renowned physicians and researchers whose primary job is to review the research applications for support of mission and basic science.

If the application is positively recommended by two out of three, the investigator is asked to submit a formal application. Formal application deadlines are listed on the previous page.

Formal applications are sent to all members of the BSC and are formally reviewed by three members. After reviews from each of the three in front of the entire board each member is asked to score the grant on a one to five scale with one being the top. We do not refer grants that receive a score of lower than 2.0 to the Board of Directors.

Conflict Of Interest

Members of the BSC may not review a grant submitted by: another BSC member, a BSC members’ organization, a colleague who lists the BSC members as having any responsibility or involvement in the project being reviewed or who collaborates or currently associates with the panel member in other capacities.

All applicants receive a letter including a summary statement of the reviews.

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