History of CTRF

History of CTRF

When you donate to a cancer charity, you are helping a great cause. CTRF began with the love and struggle of one family, and we continue to spread hope to other families coping with cancer.

Mary Brown Stephenson lived a rich and meaningful life. Her son, Richard J Stephenson, remembers her as a supportive, empowering mother with a strong spirit and will. Mary’s life was inspiring, in part, because of the many battles she won with grace and strength. However, more than twenty-five years ago, Mary faced a battle she could not win. Mary and her family found themselves in a place of ongoing frustration. She was unable to access the arsenal of weapons necessary to fight her disease, and she lost her battle. Mary’s daunting experience and struggle with cancer led Mr. Stephenson’s personal quest to change the face of cancer by empowering cancer patients with holistic medical care and innovative treatment options to fight their disease.

In 1991, Mr. Stephenson founded Cancer Treatment Research Foundation (CTRF). CTRF is a not-for-profit corporation and public charity that was established to identify and pursue new and promising clinical studies and progressive treatments utilizing cutting edge medical technologies and practices. Over the years, CTRF expanded its staff and operated the Society for Nutritional Oncology Adjuvant Therapy (NOAT), a group that has since become independent.

Today, CTRF is dedicated to curing cancer through funding patient-centered clinical studies that deliver innovative treatment options to cancer patients.

Because of generous corporate underwriting, CTRF is able to allocate 99 cents of every dollar directly to cancer research programs working to find treatments and cures for breast, ovarian, lung, pancreatic, lymphoma, leukemia, cervical, colon, colorectal and many other forms of cancer.

Cancer Treatment Research Foundation has funded or is currently funding over $15 million in research with approval of 65 grants.

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