Cancer Treatment Research Foundation : Charity Organization

Cancer Treatment Research Foundation was founded in the United States for cancer purpose. The aim of this foundation is to raise cancer awareness and get involved in various cancer researches for a proper treatment procedure.

The cancer treatment center has recently announced to make collaboration with Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, UCLA Jonson Cancer Center Foundation, and UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. These institutes allowed various researches and included the discoveries of early cancer diagnosing and applying the treatment procedures.

According to the reports issued by Cancer Treatment Research Foundation, the survival rate of the cancer patients raised to 68% in the past five years compared to that 49 % in the year 1975-1977. The goal of this foundation is to reach the 100% success rate towards the cancer treatment success rate.

Cancer is an uneven health condition where the body of the patient gets affected by the uncontrolled growth and spread of the cells. Most of the cancer symptoms lead to death cases if not controlled quickly. It is estimated that around About 1,658,370 cancer cases were registered in the United States, in 2019, and approximately 589,430 Americans may die in futre. It’s tough situation to accept.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The cancer treatment centers of America was founded in the year 1985 by Carolyn Aldigé in memory of a father who died suffering from cancer. In the past year, the foundation has contributed about $60 millions to cancer treatments and research for prevention. It includes expert researchers who work consistently to make early detection on the cancer symptoms. They also narrate that up to 70% of cancer cases could be prevented if detected early.

The institute has a group of organization, educational groups, individual experts, and professional associations, and the group promotes the early detection techniques and preventive measures. They encourage millions of individuals to have a regular checkup for early detection and raise general awareness.

The mission of this popular foundation works on early detection of cancer through health symptoms and applying preventive measures through education and research. The reach of this organization has expanded throughout the world in the past years.

Cancer Treatment Alternatives

So far, there are no alternative definitions available for cancer therapies or any other treatment procedures. Cancer Treatment Alternatives involve the use of several methods and therapies that are not approved in medical science related to their effectiveness level or safety concerns.

However, there are various Cancer Treatment Alternatives available today where many products arrive from vitamins, herbal remedies, mineral supplements, antioxidants, and health food shops. Many treatment schedules are entirely based on spiritual beliefs and occultism.

In many countries, you are allowed for short-term use of natural remedies as Cancer Treatment Alternatives, according to given instructions. However, the medications if consumed in excess quantity might lead to several side effects on the health. Here you should always consult a cancer expert related to those alternative procedures and hope that it works.

Cancer treatment natural

Dietary treatments

Cancer treatment natural therapies usually start with nutritional therapies that are based on the beliefs of the people. There is an assumption that many nutrients delivered to cancer cells should be restricted, as it worsens the patient’s condition. There is another contrary assumption that cancer arrives due to the high quantity of waste products presence.

The dietary treatments include the intake of raw food diets, juice diets, and acid-free diets. Garlic and blueberries are great ingredients that have proven property to fight against cancer cells or symptoms. But there is no proven evidence available that this method will be useful in the treatment of cancer, says cancer treatment centers of America.

Most of the dietary treatments are loaded with low-energy loads, which might make a patient weak. Although it might work effectively in various health conditions but will not be useful in making an impact on cancer concerns.

Minerals and Vitamins Dosage

There are various ongoing researches for Cancer treatment natural therapies, but there is no relevant data available related to vitamins or minerals effectiveness for cancer cure. So, doctors do not recommend these supplements to include in the diet. However, a patient might be given an antioxidant therapy include the heavy dose of minerals and vitamins. However, there is a shortage of reliable proof available for that.

According to cancer treatment centers of America reviews, people going with cancer concerns might go with several herbal supplements as alternatives such as:

green tea
black cohosh

However, you should know that this supplement may act negatively against the other cancer drugs if consumed altogether. So you take these alternatives under the prescription of your oncologist only.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that involves inserting tiny needles to the skin and increase the energy flow inside the body. There is a theory that it relieves the natural pain of the body by killing the pain chemicals. It is not a cancer treatment natural method but overcomes the several nasty cancer treatment symptoms such as:

Hot flashes
Dry mouth

You should consider this treatment with the only prescription of the doctor only, where the medication is provided only after analyzing the patient’s health. They may refer a patient to expert and trained acupuncturist to reduce the cancer symptoms.


Homeopathy medicines are used for the particular purpose for the cancer treatment. The therapy involves giving a small dosage of the medication to the patient. There is a belief that it helps to control and minimize the cancer symptoms, according to cancer treatment centers of America reviews. In the past several efforts were made to cure cancer with homeopathic medicines, but it cannot be used alone. Since these medicines are in dilute form, so they don’t have any side effects. However, there is no proper research report available regarding its treatment surety.


The use of cannabis is now widespread in the medical purpose, due to various scientific researches proving its benefits on people health. However, cancer treatment of America association says that it is not a method of treatment but supports to control the side effects of chemotherapy, such as vomiting, pain, and nausea. However, there is a restriction on the use of cannabis by various countries. You should include cannabis oil or plant according to advised dosage only.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is not a cancer treatment alternative but helps to stimulate the muscles and skin tissues. It helps to provide relaxation and overcomes the anxiety and pain caused by cancer treatments. According to Cancer Treatment Research Foundation, a person may experience an improvement to his/her quality of life and get freedom from:



Biofeedback is not any category of medicine or supplement; instead it’s a therapy that helps a cancer patient to identify the body aspects, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. A respond to change inside the body helps to control the health discomfort. Cancer treatment of America Says that cancer symptoms and side effects could be controlled with biofeedback therapy. However, you should go with this process under the guidance of a licensed therapist only for safe results.

Massage Therapy

In a short study over the cancer patients, it was discovered that around 1300 patients experienced less pain, fatigue, nausea, and anxiety with repetitive massage therapy. It is not an alternative treatment but overcomes these side effects caused by cancer treatments such as

Radiation Therapy
Hormone Therapy
Combined Therapy


Hypnosis is a relaxation procedure where an expert trainer puts you in a deep concentration level where your focus gets shifted to other positive thinking. If you regularly go with this therapy, it would relive the side effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, pain, stress, and anxiety.

Guided imagery 

Imagine a place that makes you calm and satisfied, and you enter a happy state. The guided imagery helps you to relax and improves the quality of life. The stress factor caused by cancer gets reduced.


A splash of unique fragrance or aroma keeps you satisfied and calm. You may include them in a room or a bathtub or use it during the massage. Applying this technique overcomes nausea and pain symptoms arriving due to cancer concerns.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Reviews

  • Clinical Trials Summit association has collaborated with other cancer organization, aimed to improve the clinical studies and motivate people to participate in clinical research. The foundation works in the creation of physical and public awareness and expanding the insurance coverage for all trials and researches
  • Educational materials series and Cancer Treatment Research Foundation made joint venture collaboration with the education program towards cancer prevention and its detection. They provide several education materials to all men, women, and children with varied information related to cancer disease. The materials are also available on the official website to purchase.
  • Brochures are available to get knowledge about cancer behavior and its risk of health. It is written in easy language to understand and explains the procedures to control or reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Fact sheets are now available to determine the several categories of cancer types such as cervical, lung, oral, breast, testicular, and skin, which could be prevented through making necessary changes to the lifestyle or with the early symptom detection. The sheet includes various cancer treatment centers of America Reviews as well.
  • George Washington University Mammovan narrates that Washington has the highest rate of breast cancer symptoms in the United States. Cancer treatment of America association has associated with the University on the mobile mammography program, providing the screening of breast cancer-free of cost. Since 1997 it has screened more than 18,000 women.
  • Award-winning Web site: This is a one-stop solution that holds depth knowledge for all cancer-related concerns and issues. The contents are written for all men and women, and narrate them with possible prevention steps and reducing the cancer risks. The website also makes an introduction to other cancer types, including lungs, skin, cervical, and prostate, etc.

Cancer treatment centers of America locations

Cancer Treatment Centers of America helps and serves cancer patients across the different location in the United States. The organization is centered by cancer specialists who apply the latest and best technologies and advanced options for cancer prevention. The network has earned respect and popularity due to quality care units, improvement in the safety aspects of the patients, from various organizations of the world.

Cancer treatment centers of America locations are based in areas like:

North Phoenix
Downtown Chicago

The Final Verdict

Cancer Treatment Research Foundation has created its sturdy base and is creating awareness among people, for all cancer concerns and its early detection. Their efforts have increased the survival rate by more than 60% and keep growing each day due to their expert doctors and sophisticated technology. They warn the early cancer symptoms and recommend every person to go with immediate investigation for getting the proper treatment procedure.

There are various alternatives available today but those are not the one that should be replaced with traditional therapies because cancer is a serious concern and will never go easily. You may try those but make sure that it is conducted under the supervision of the cancer specialist only. Cancer is of the deadliest disease that hasn’t received a proper treatment pattern and is a matter of concern. You cannot afford to ignore a slight cold, headache, fever, or pain inside the body, because that might be an early warning of cancer formation. To stay safe you should keep visiting the doctor’s clinic and get complete health checkup and see any difference. I hope this is sufficient to brush your knowledge and keep you aware. Spread this message to all your friends and colleagues and recommend them to stay safe.