LumiGuard Review 2020 (July) Solar Floodlights with Motion Sensors

Enjoy Having Ultra-Bright Floodlights With Motion Sensors Protecting Your Property All Night Long

  • Ultra-Bright solar-powered floodlight
  • 20 High Powered LED Lights
  • Easy to install in 60 seconds or less
  • Motion-activated for security
  • Durable waterproof construction

LumiGuard Solar Floodlights with motion sensors are the perfect solution for anyone who wants the safety and convenience of high powered floodlights without the expense of professional installation.

LumiGuard Solar Light Emitting Diode Stability Light
This radio flood-light with movement detectors gets to be a entertainment lighting to your own terrace and patio through the exterior day parties.

Only mount LumiGuard™ into some surface vulnerable to sun and also you have highly effective, amazing lighting to light your own patio, sidewalk, driveway front porch, and discard or somewhere else on your property at which you need to increase cosmetic security light.



  • Effortless to Put in
  • Solar-Powered Energy-savings
  • Routinely and Autonomously Photo Voltaic prices by Day
  • No Batteries Essential
  • Builtin Light Sensor Automatically Constructed On Whether Movements Detected
  • Each Of Weather-ready: Waterresistant, Heat-Resistant, Frost-Resistant
  • 20 Ultra-Bright LED Lighting in Every Single mild
  • Output: 200 Lumens
  • LED Lifespan: 100,000 Hrs

Just Forget about Terrible movement sensor lights Which Look fancy but drop aside & shed their fee.

The heavyduty LumiGuard photo voltaic security mild is weather proof, fees in chilly & overcast situations, also yells off superb strong light emitting diode lighting throughout the year.
20 LED Solar-powered Mild

20 LED supplies exemplary lighting up to 200 lumens. It’s smart enough to twist the darkened distance to some glowing lit room and present security on the residence or enterprise. Led solar detector lights having a huge detector, setting a wide selection of 10 ft having a 120-degree detection angle.

Energy-Saving Along With Ultra Ecofriendly

This mild has been brought on by sun from daily for about 2 hoursper day. Constructed re-chargeable 3.7V 1200mAh li ion battery-powered with solar power technology may save the ability for in excess of 1-2 hrs of operating period in the nighttime time. No contamination into your setting.

Permanent & Water Proof

Together with highquality solar power panels and LEDs. The life span of this solarpanel would be over five decades, the LED’s life span is significantly greater than 50,000 hrs. Made from high heeled ABS fabric, IP44 watertight tier causes it to be ideal for exterior, no stress for raindrops.


Product or Service Data:

  • Permanent ABS Human Anatomy
  • 200 Lumens
  • Liion, 3.7b, 1200mAh
  • 4 6 Hour Cost period
  • 8 10 Hour Functioning period
  • 10,000 Hour Lifespan
  • 120 levels of movement sensing
  • IP44 H2o immunity
  • Transport Advice
  • USA Delivery – Typical Floor
  • Yield Coverage
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Warranty

Customer Reviews

BWheels: I watched these mild promoted on face book. I used to be available for several extra light to the garden and opted to get a 8 bundle. I’m dinner really impressed. The setup is extremely simple and that I had been ready to set them some of my timber fencing planks. Instead, they get lots of sunshine and do the job completely when planning on carrying out the puppy to go potty, not be worried about stepping into some thing suddenly. I will be awaiting my second order of 8 lights to get there.

Eva Says: Ido wonder whether a”on” interval can possibly be corrected to remain on more. It’d be amazing when they can remain around for five minutes roughly.

John Says: LumiGuard lights are bright enough to wash my yard when my previous dog extends outside in the nighttime time. I set them along the customary course he chooses to alleviate himself plus they also work amazing. I had been doubtful, however, the firsttime that I analyzed them was surprised. I’ve got a huge garden and wrapped 6 having two abandoned. I strongly suggest that protections.

Wonderful lighting, only requesting, can those bulbs be put to consistently on? Or can it be rigorously movement sensing

Hales Says: I got a 4 bunch. Stung earlier (other business’s ) Thus delighted using them, sorrow not acquiring 8 bunch. I maintain seeking. Aspire to fall to a Fantastic bargain for your 8 package in close future

These lighting are ideal for that darkened location all around your residence. They create walking across the lawn even easier.
Really worth the cash.

These battery-operated motion-sensing lighting are appropriate to be used both inside and out doors for all of your illumination requirements, and certainly will be mounted easily almost everywhere with no necessity for cables. An integrated detector instantly shuts off the light following 20 or sixty minutes as a way to store electricity, also each component handles approximately one hundred twenty sq ft. This motion-activated light-weight readily finds movement up to twenty five feet off, in just an 100-degree-wide zone to give lighting. The device turns off after sixty minutes so as to store electricity, and also the incorporated photosensor helps to ensure it can not operate during daytime hours. It fast plugs in to any normal electric socket for appropriate installation directly from this carton.

Crucial Capabilities:

Offered in a Option of Two colours
Pick from multipacks
Long Lasting Weather Proof and UV-resistant casing
Every pair of batteries supplies a Mean of 5,000 activations

Solarpower Lighting

When it pertains armed using solar-panels that the LUMIGUARD demands no batteries.

Only put outside and permit the all-natural sun cost your LUMIGUARD therefore that it can glow glowing on your garden front-porch, deterring intruders!

Basic, Simple Installation
Because it includes simple to follow along with setup guidelines, you could possibly access this up and functioning together with simplicity!

Top Excellent = Longevity and Dependability!
The life span of this LEDs may endure upto 100,000 hrs and also this merchandise has been endorsed with a good warranty therefore that you may get it substituted in the event that you believe it’s maybe not upto level with your own standards.

If You Are Thinking about just how bright the lights really are, Every One of those LEDs sparks 200 lumens of glowing lighting Which Ought to be enough to light up your environment with no hitch

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