Preliminary Grant Request

Preliminary Grant Request


The overall goal of the Clinical Investigation Grant program of Cancer Treatment Research Foundation (CTRF) is to stimulate innovative research relevant to cancer therapy (e.g., new agents, immunotherapy, biological response modifiers, gene therapy), clinical nutrition, and cancer integrative medicine. The Foundation supports innovative clinical cancer research in Conventional as well as Integrative therapies. We hope that the Clinical Investigation Grant program will be a mechanism to encourage investigators directly focused on clinical problems and clinical applications of basic research. We are particularly interested in identifying and funding these groups of researchers:

  1. Young investigators working in established research programs relevant to clinical research who are without support from the NIH or other cancer research agencies.

  2. Established clinical researchers who wish to embark on innovative studies directly relevant to the mission of CTRF with novel, new, or pilot projects distinctly removed from their currently funded research projects [CTRF Mission Statement on next page].


The Foundation will not support extensions of conventional or traditional chemotherapy such as Phase III/IV trials. Also, basic cancer research and pre-clinical research in animals will not be supported. Diagnostic trials if submitted, must contain a mechanism for measuring patient impact. The primary consideration in granting funds is to improve treatment options for cancer patients today! The Foundation is not a traditional source of funds and believes that many other resources are available for incremental improvements in cancer therapy. The Foundation does not fund quality-of-life studies. The Foundation will support truly innovative and unique research that has the potential to impact the lives of cancer patients in a positive way at the earliest opportunity.

Patient Impact as defined by CTRF: a study in which an intervention is provided to a patient so that an outcome may be analyzed from the research study design.

New, as well as established investigators are encouraged to apply. Established investigators requesting pilot funds should show how their project is a departure from ongoing, funded work. New projects may be an extension of other work but cannot overlap any funded projects unless the applicant clearly demonstrates that new funding will not duplicate existing support. CTRF grants are not intended to be used as bridging support for projects not funded by other funding agencies. Rather, the intent of the proposed project is to provide preliminary data for future support from other funding sources.


The Principal Investigator and other key personnel may use awarded funds to support the proportion of salary devoted to the project. Funds may be used for supplies and non-reimbursable research-related patient care costs, including extraordinary laboratory and imaging studies. Travel is not covered in the first year. Equipment will be funded only in extremely rare circumstances. Such requests should be fully justified in the budget.


Grants from the Foundation are limited. There can be no overlap of funds with existing sources. The amount of the award varies with the availability of funds. Awards range between $25,000 and $300,000/year including indirect costs. The maximum period of funding is for two years. Investigators receiving a two-year award must submit a progress report for a second year of funding.


Please follow the instructions and use the format on the next page to submit a preliminary grant request. Applications can be submitted at any time and must be received electronically. Preliminary applications that are received after the dates below will be reviewed for the next application period. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive written notification of further action within two to four weeks of the receipt of the application in this office.

2007 CTRF Grant Submission Schedule

Download application: grant-form

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