Research Overview

CTRF provides cancer research funding for conventional, integrative and complementary phase I and phase II cancer research trials to researchers from around the world.

Our researchers are from world renowned institutions like MD Anderson, Sloan-Kettering, Dana Farber and Mayo Clinic.

CTRF research encompasses the most innovative applications of conventional cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) and the best in science-based complementary medicine (nutrition, biofeedback, psychoneuro-immunology, spiritual, etc.) to ensure an impact on cancer patients today.

With clinical studies that have already passed the test tube stage, CTRF-funded research is making an immediate impact on cancer patients while paving the way to a cure. In addtion, CTRF does not provide funding to studies done on laboratory animals.

All research is reviewed and evaluated by a Board of Scientific Counselors and approved by the Board of Directors.

Early support from CTRF enabled many of its researchers to seek additional research funding from the National Institutes of Health, which illustrates the Foundation’s position as a leader in responding to the public’s demand for better science-based information and improved treatment options.